How To Choose The Best Tactical Dog Harness?

How To Choose The Best Tactical Dog Harness

Dog harnesses vary in their size, material, appearance, and design. They may also differ in their primary purpose. For example, the majority of dog harnesses are designed for standard usage. This means that they’re built to withstand walks, trips to the dog park, and outdoor play.

Tactical dog harnesses (or military harness) are some of the most durable and hard-working of the lot, but choosing the best one for your canine companion may be a challenge. It may also be available in neutral colors or camouflage patterns. Additionally, these types of harnesses tend to have ID slots or attachment sites for badges and patches.

Benefits of Using a Tactical Dog Harness

Dog owners that use a tactical harness could enjoy several benefits. Some of the most common benefits associated with military-type or tactical dog harnesses include:

  • Better Control Over the Dog
  • Less Money Spent on Replacement Harnesses
  • Extra Gear Storage
  • Reduced Confusion Among Strangers
  • Improved Visibility or Improved Stealth

Let’s take a brief moment to consider these benefits and how they might affect your day-to-day life. After all, it’s challenging to know just how much a tactical dog harness could change you and your dog’s life and relationship if you’re not familiar with the benefits of using one.

1. Better Control Over the Dog

Perhaps the most notable benefit of a tactical harness is its ability to give owners more control over their dogs. Leashes attached to collars can make it difficult for some pet parents to retain control during a walk or outing. 

An excited dog that decides to run may very well drag its owner behind them. This situation could result in injuries to everyone involved. With a harness, the dog is more likely to feel a full-body tug of resistance while walking with its owner. 

This simple change is often enough to keep pups from charging and ensure that owners don’t experience leash-burn. Additionally, a tactical harness’s durable nature could help pet parents save a little money throughout the years.

2. Less Money Spent on Replacement Harnesses

Some harnesses fall apart after a few trips to the dog park or a few weeks of daily walks. Tactical harnesses, on the other hand, are often durable enough to withstand years of strenuous usage.

Owners purchasing a tactical harness for their adult dog may not need to buy a replacement harness, which results in savings upwards of $25 (the average price for a store-bought harness) per year. 

Some tactical dog harnesses also feature extra leash attachment sites that double as storage sites. This feature could help you reduce your load while hiking or camping.

3. Extra Gear Storage

Active dogs often wind up living with active people. If you enjoy hiking, camping, or performing outdoor activities with your dog, then you might find yourself interested in extra storage.

High-quality tactical dog vests almost always feature solid metal rings that are perfect for carabiners. Instead of carrying your pup’s water and food supply inside of your pack, you can attach those items to your dog and let them do the work! 

Of course, the potential for storage isn’t where the tactical dog harness’s benefits end. Most tactical harnesses also have ID slots or patch-attachment areas that are ideal for service dogs, military dogs, or police dogs.

4. Reduced Confusion Among Strangers

Members of the general public often approach service dogs, but some service dogs should be left alone. Dogs that are currently undergoing training, for example, may need to wear signage warning members of the public not to interact with it.

If these in-training pups don’t have any signage, the average passers-by and the dog trainers can quickly feel frustrated. Additionally, military dogs and police dogs are often required by law to wear specific signage on their harness to indicate their affiliation.

Tactical harnesses offer multiple solutions to this issue, from plasticized ID slots to fuzzy velcro-like attachment sites. No matter your dog-related signage needs, there’s a tactical dog harness for you.

5. Improved Visibility or Improved Stealth

Depending on the color or pattern you choose, a tactical harness could help make your dog more visible, or it could help them blend in among their surroundings. As such, tactical vests are often used by hunters, military personnel, and dog walkers. 

Some tactical harnesses may include highly reflective fabrics that allow for greater visibility at night. Others may be black, tan, or camouflage to keep dogs out of sight during the day. The ideal option for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Choosing the best tactical harness for your dog isn’t as simple as picking the best-looking or most affordable option. You’ll also need to consider the other factors that can make or break a tactical vest and harness. Browsing through the hundreds of available options and comparing their features can be time-consuming. We’ve dedicated hours of research to save you time and ensure you receive the best possible harness for your pup. 


Some of the familiar canine friends who can use this versatile product are:

  • Service dogs who carry water and medications.
  • Emotional support dogs for physically impaired people.
  • Police and working dogs for protection and professionalism.
  • Hunting dogs for storing supplies and bait.
  • Larger breeds are the best outdoor companions.


Here are some of the features you must look out for when choosing a tactical harness for your dog.


A tactical dog harness from a reputed brand comes with high-quality materials like synthetic fibers, nylon, or leather. They also have a water-resistant coating over them.

1000D is one of the best qualities of nylon you can find in a dog harness. Choosing the best material can ensure the durability of your harness for a long time.


A tactical dog harness comes with additional functionalities like adjustable straps, extra pockets, and attachments.

You can attach pockets to these attachments according to the number of dog supplies. You can also check for more controlling features like leash or collar attachment. 

Some dog harnesses also come with an extra layer of protection with soft padding for your pet. 

A tactical dog harness should be light in weight. The weight depends on the dog’s breed, size, weight, and purpose.


Buying a dog accessory like the Icefang harness with a handle has many benefits. It can help to control your pet while walking on treacherous terrains.


It is crucial to buy a dog harness with enough adjustable straps and buckles. It helps to keep your dog’s neck safe from neck injuries.


Flexibility and durability are the keys to choosing a tactical dog vest. It acts as a piece of safe, load-carrying equipment for outdoor activities. A well-made harness will last longer in all kinds of weather conditions.

It is essential to find the right size and fit while choosing a tactical dog harness. It should give maximum safety and comfort to your pet.

Here are top 3 Tactical Dog Harnesses:

1. Adjustable German Shepherd Tactical Dog Harness Vest With Handle

This high quality Adjustable Tactical Dog Harness Vest With Handle comes with a strong inner webbing that is breathable to enhance the comfort of your dog. The material used is military 1050D nylon, which is one of the strongest materials in the market today. It has straps on the chest area and belly that are adjustable to give the dog a good fit. The straps also provide the stability needed to keep your dog comfortable during any outdoor activity. It also has a MOLLE system on the sides where you can put pouches, magazines etc. It is available in varying chest and neck sizes that you can choose from depending on your dog’s size. 

  • Military-Standard 1050D Nylon Material - Hold up well in the field
  • Advanced Sewing - Carefully stitched on every joint and load bearing point, so your active animal cannot break it easily
  • Soft Breathable Mesh - Well-padded in every pressure areas for extra comfort
  • Hook-and-Loop Panels - Multiple Velcro strips where you can attach morale badges to identify your special companion
  • MOLLE System - Two rows on either side that can easily carry your pouches, bottles, and essentials
  • Top-mounted Handle - Quickly control your dog or give a helpful lift when encountering obstacles
  • Front & Back Leash Rings - For leash and tag attachments

2. Heavy Duty Dog Training No Pull Dog Harness

This high quality Nylon Tactical Service Dog Harness Heavy Duty Dog Training Harness comes with a strong inner webbing that is breathable to enhance the comfort of your dog. The material used is military 1000D nylon. It has straps on the chest area and belly that are adjustable to give the dog a good fit. The straps also provide the stability needed to keep your dog comfortable during any outdoor activity. It also has a MOLLE system on the sides where you can put pouches, magazines etc. It is available in varying chest and neck sizes that you can choose from depending on your dog’s size. 

  • No rub- Adjustable chest/neck strap sits above the dog's breast bone,Belly strap sitting far enough from the arm pits when dog walking / sits 
  • Durable Handle Design- Handle is Sewn Tough with padded and Large Enough to Grab the harness quickly and easily.
  • Durable Fabrics & Soft Breathable Padded- High Quality 1000D Waterproof Nylon Fabric and Well in all Pressure Areas , Breathableand Comfortable of Eyelet Fabric Padded 
  • Adjustable Belt & Quick Release- There are 2 Adjustable Belts on Each Side , anAdjustable Belt at the bottom of the dog Harness, 4 buckles for easy put on and off while providing extra security. 
  • MOLLE System - Two rows on either side that can easily carry your pouches, bottles, and essentials
  • Advanced Equipment and Quality Materials and Design for the Tactical Dog Supplies, Focus on Tactical , Durability, Practicality,Comfortable and Easy to Use.

3. Tactical Dog Harness Adjustable Military K9 Harness Vest with 3 Detachable Pouches

The Tactical Dog Harness Adjustable Training Molle Vest with 3 Detachable Pouches is made of army 1000D nylon which has high quality and scratch resistant. Each strap can be adjustable for wearing stability and comfort, reducing the rask of Abrasions to their bodies. It is ideal for outdoor activities and training. Both sides of the dog harness are molle-type design. It comes with 3 detachable pouches which can be added on the vest. HOOk&LOOP panel on the top and detachable pouches is for ID Badges. You can DIY your dog's own style. Putting it on, your dog will look very handsome and cool.

  • Military Grade Material: Made of premium 600D nylon and soft padded in all in all pressure areas for a comfortable fit.
  • MOLLE System: Both sides features two MOLLE straps to easily attach all kinds of pouches or other equipment.
  • 3 Detachable Pouches: Military dog harness comes with 3 different detachable pouches + 2 pieces harness patches for a full range of expansion for dogs.
  • Large Velcro Area: Velcro panel down the back for any patch furniture, allows you free to add any personalize badges and other velcro accessories, or ID tag patch.
  • Lightweight & waterproof & durable camouflage vest ensure long time comfortable wearing. Excellent for any outdoor activities: training, hiking, camping, etc.

Wearing a vest or harnesses is typical for ’employed’ dogs, i.e., those who serve in the military, police, rescue services, etc. Also, animals trained to help disabled people should wear this equipment. But owners of pups who are ‘just’ pets can buy this outfit too. If you enjoy an active lifestyle and outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or hunting, you can include your four-legged friend in them.