Best Adventure Pants For Outdoorsman

Whether you are on security detail, prepping for an outdoor trek, or spending a day at the gun range, you need a pair of adventure pants that are comfortable, durable, and hold all the essentials without sagging or wearing you down.

A reliable, comfortable, and durable pair of adventure pants is an essential piece of any outdoorsman gear list. But, it can be tricky to know which pair of adventure pants are best suited for the trips you have planned.

Purchasing pants specifically for adventure applications actually differs pretty significantly from the process of buying ordinary men’s jeans or pants. Where to buy the best Adventure Pants For Outdoorsman? Scroll through to see our recommended buys:

Best Adventure Pants For Outdoorsman 2021 -  Urban Pro Stretch Tactical Pants(AU$49.90)

1. Durability: Because adventure pants have to be able to survive the rigors of countless hours out of the trails, durability is an incredibly important factor. Though how rugged a pair of adventure pants are ultimately beginning with the primary construction, there are plenty of pants with reinforcements or overlays in less stress or abrasion-prone areas using materials like CORDURA. The construction techniques used will also play a pivotal role in how hardwearing a given pair of pants is, with techniques like laser and taped seams boasting higher degrees of durability than traditional stitching.

These stretch tactical pants are crafted using polycotton ripstop, a premium fabric blend that provides load-bearing capabilities, durability and comfort far beyond anything else on the market. 

  • Made of Tough and Comfortable 60% Cotton + 40% Polyester Rip-Stop Fabric.
  • Dual-layered Reinforced Knee and Gusseted Crotch.
  • Brass Tac-Stud Closure with Metallic YKK Zipper.

Purchase: AU$49.90

2. Breathability & Waterproofing: Almost certainly the greatest advancements in this space, breathability and waterproofing have seen massive improvements over a short period thanks to a growing number of increasingly capable membranes, which are 100% waterproof and shield their wearer from the elements while allowing moisture and body vapors to pass through the jacket, preventing sweating and discomfort. Many of today’s adventure pants are also fortified via supplementary coatings such as a DWR finish, which, on a microscopic level consists of tiny spikes that help water to bead and roll off of the surface of a garment rather than seeping into it.

  • Teflon coating outside, water and greasy dirt resistance.

Purchase: AU$49.90

3. Fitment & Adjustability: Adventure-specific pants afford better mobility and range of motion than your average pair of chinos or jeans, which makes sense considering the intended use. However, in order for adventure pants to perform to their full potential, they need to fit their wearer somewhat precisely. For this reason, pants that are equipped with a wide range of adjustment points are able to afford a markedly better and more snug fit.

  • Scratch-Resistant. Fade, shrink, and wrinkle resistant,3D tailoring for the great comfortable and flexible.

Purchase: AU$49.90

4. Comfort: Just like with a quality pair of premium hiking boots, a good pair of adventure pants should offer all-day comfort. The use of soft liners, a slew of adjustment points, primary constructions with breathable membranes and/or stretch properties, and a suite of vents collectively make for a much more comfortable experience. You want to be sure to factor in the different areas that affect this particular aspect as comfort really does make an enormous difference when it comes to adventure pants.

  • And with enhanced stitching, a stretchable waistband, you can stay fluid and unhindered when making quick, tactical movements.

Purchase: AU$49.90

5. Style: Not unlike the vast majority of genres of clothing, Adventure pants come in a wide array of different styles, cuts, and colors. Some pairs take a more military-inspired tactical approach, while others opt for more subtle, understated pairs. The point is, no matter what your personal tastes happen to be, these adventure pants out there that will jive with your visual preferences. And, unsurprisingly, these adventure pants are offered in a heap of different color options, as well. 

  • Multiple Color Selections: Army Green, Khaki, Black, Multicam,Dark-Multicam

Purchase: AU$49.90


The G3 Combat Pants with Knee Pads is also great for adventure outdoorsman.

Purchase: AU$94.95

Additional Teflon coating outside, water and greasy dirt resistance; With YKK zipper that makes it durable and easy for maintenance. Military level elastic and thread, hook and loop panel waist band, strong and good performance stretchable fabric around knee and hip and crotch, which makes it very comfortable and durable.

Up to 10 different size pockets, large carrying capacity. The unique pocket design looks flat from the front, but bellowed side gusset expands to provide secure storage for your duty gear. 

Come with the removable combat knee pads and concealed elbow pads. You can adjust the knee pad height as you like. The unique low-profile waist adjusts system and knee pad height adjustment system make it very functional. 

The pants will come with two knee pads, which are removable and offer good protection for you.

Size adjustment at the back of waist, you can adjust your waist size by the hook and loop panel buckle. And with enhanced stitching, a stretchable waistband, you can stay fluid and unhindered when making quick, tactical movements.

Special tailoring of the hip and crotch fits the human body, making your tactical movements more flexible and comfortable.


  • Unique low-profile waist adjust system (Extra Comfort)
  • 10 Versatile, Low-Profile Pockets (Each cargo pocket conceals a water bottle/magazine stabilizer/knife/light)
  • YKK zippers
  • Front knee adjustable
  • Hem adjustment
  • Inseam double sewn stitch
  • Fabric: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester(4-way stretch-woven accents ripstop clothing)
  • Multiple Color Selections: Multicam, Dark-Multicam, Army green


Purchase: AU$94.95


With a focus on comfort, durability, and performance, we’ve found the best men’s adventure pants for outdoormans. While there isn’t a single pair of pants that works for everyone, but these urban pro pants can be suitable for all outdoorsman.

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