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Strategy games involving war and shooting are and always will be one of the most favourite kinds of games that are loved by men. One of these is Airsoft. It is really an exciting game, which makes guys of all ages go completely insane with happiness. This is a game that you can enjoy with your best buddies, and have a great relaxing time. You play this game when you need a break from the dull monotonous routine of life, and get away from it all. It helps you bond with your buddies.

Airsoft tactical vest is worn by all those who love this game. You can get a vest that fits you perfectly and enables you play the game comfortably. There are several pockets that are useful for you to keep all your equipment like toy guns and whistles. These vests are worn to protect your clothes and your chest from being hit by the balls that are used as bullets in the game. They are also a huge favourite among paintball lovers.

You can buy excellent quality an Airsoft tactical vest whose design and style matches that of your favourite hero. So whether you are a fan of the terminator or Die hard, these vests will make you feel extremely comfortable, and will help you focus on the game better. When you wear an Airsoft tactical vest, you will find that your game is getting better. You are able to concentrate more, and use the handy pockets of the vest to keep your "bullets" and "guns".

You can get Airsoft tactical vest in any colour of your choice. The most popular choices are black, brown and beige, although these days many are going for white, blue and yellow as well. They make you look exactly like an airplane fighter pilot, and will increase the thrill in your game.

Camo Modular Operator Quick Release Plate Carrier

The Modular Operator Quick Release Plate Carrier is a combat-ready plate carrier designed for the best outcome in all types of situations. Modular, Low Profile, and feature-packed.The padded adjustable shoulder straps and cummerbund ensure a true fit. The interior body side is also lined with 3D mesh padding. The dual working system can easily replace the molle system or equip it with magazines.

  • Comfortable and durable 1000-denier nylon
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Breathable 3D mesh liner
  • Adjustable cummerbund
  • Advanced plate carrier that is feature-packed.
  • MOLLE webbing for modular attachments
  • Compatible with standard armor plates
  • Fits over soft body armor/Uniforms
  • Waist adjustable with 37"-49"

Earlier, tactical vests were a matter of personal opinion, which translates to how trigger happy you were. However, as airsoft gear scales new heights, you need to be upgrading your vest too. Tactical vests are very handy as you want to be able to carry your pods, tank, etc. without any hassles. What’s more, a vest can hold more gear as opposed to a high pack or a belt, and is more comfortable too, as it doesn’t hinder the movement of hands and legs. Finally, it feels more comfortable and secure, especially for beginners who’re intimidated to play in the field.

Modular Rapid Assault Tactical Vest

The Modular Rapid Assault Tactical Vest is a combat ready plate carrier designed for the best outcome in all types of tactical situations. Modular, Low Profile and feature packed. The vest includes 4 front mag pouches and 2 side pouches. It also carries a full body MOLLE system for you to add on other essentials. This vest made of 1000D nylon with multiple patch panels and reinforced shoulder straps, which make it able to withstand any type of combat situations.

  • 1000D Nylon,The special structure of the fabric gives it excellent wear resistance, tear resistance, unmatched strength, light weight, softness and easy care.
  • Padded and reinforced shoulder straps adjustable with 6 inch -8 inch,length:14 inch, wide:12 inch, Waist adjustable with 29"-49" to protect your sides with concealed hook-and-loop utility pockets
  • 3” by 6” patch panels at the front and back for your name patches and morale patches, MOLLE all around for your pouches, equipment, hydration pack
  • Detachable mesh padding for good airflow


The best tactical vest options for airsoft not only provide protection but also transport for your equipment such as pods, mags, and more. At the same time, they look absolutely killer, especially when you stand completely outfitted on the field. Find your best Airsoft Tactical Vest at Tactical World Store.